Move the Main Water Shut-off Valve for Easy Access

Do you know where the valve is to shut off water to your home if there is a problem? When pipes burst or leaks emerge, homeowners need to know how to turn off the water supply immediately in order to prevent the water from further damaging drywall, flooring, sub-flooring, insulation, and even the frame of the home. When the plumber arrives and the problem is fixed, the water can be turned on again.

Most frequently, Gary Robinson says that homes’ water shut off valve is just inside the crawl space door. If you aren’t certain, check there first (preferably before there is an emergency!). Some homeowners find the valve is in a really inconvenient place that is difficult to reach. There are also issues with the standard gate valve that requires multiple turns that can become stuck and there is a risk of the stem breaking.

There are many benefits to rerouting the water lines so the shut off valve is easily accessible in a place such as under the sink. This is helpful when:

  • Snow, rain or darkness may hide or block access to the valve
  • Someone in the home is not physically capable of reaching the valve (many people would not consider crawling into their crawl space due to claustrophobia, arachnophobia and “dirt-phophia”)
  • Residents frequently leave for days at a time and can quickly turn off the water supply

Improved Water Shut-off Valve

In addition to moving the water shut-off valve, we recommend replacing the standard valve with a ball valve. A standard valve requires multiple turns and runs the risk of the stem breaking. A ball valve that only takes a quarter turn and is less likely to break.

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