Add Some Green to Your Spring

Bet you can’t wait for spring, yeah? No more snow, no more scraping the car, you don’t have to bundle up just to make a quick run to the store, and warmer weather means lower heating bills.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have lower heating bills even in the coldest months of winter?

People have been talking for years with more and more enthusiasm and conviction about “going green.” But here’s the thing—thrifty consumers have been “going green” for decades, not necessarily to save the planet but because it’s cheaper, Add Some Green to Your Spring!

Being green can mean recycling and all that, but it also means reusing what you have, so you don’t have to spend money on more junk at the store—which also means that manufacturers won’t have to make so much junk, which eventually has to be put somewhere either in your home or in a landfill.

It means turning down the thermostat and putting on a sweater, just like grandma always says. Sure, it generates less energy and saves fossil fuels—but it also lowers your bill and keeps your green in your wallet.

That’s why we’ve been fans of “going green” for years.

If you want to have a greener home to save money and energy, but without sacrificing comfort, look no further. We have some helpful tips for making your home greener, so that you’re not wasting resources.

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Green Plumbing- Add Some Green to Your Spring

  • Installing low-flow water fixtures can reduce your consumption by about 60%—and they’re easy to find at the store and install.
  • You can also install faucet flow reducers on your current faucets and save about 40% on your water usage.
  • You could not flush the toilet every time you use it—OR you could get a low-flush toilet to reduce unnecessary water usage – 1 toilet can save 750 gallons per year with a total of $90 per year from your utility bill. Newer models are cheaper than you think—definitely worth pricing.
  • Too many leaks start where you can’t see them. Purchasing a leak monitoring device notifies you of leaky faucets, pipes, toilets and appliances, so you can catch the problem and take care of it—before too much water is wasted. Some devices even have a way to shut water off if a leak is detected resulting in less damage to property.
  • Dishwashers and washing machines with an Energy Star rating can reduce water use by more than 50%—which might make it a good idea to replace old appliances sooner rather than later, depending on how much water and energy you will save compared to your old appliance.

And did you know that hot water heaters can use up to 15% of your home’s total energy usage? That’s a huge percentage for one little appliance. We have lots of great advice for saving energy on your water heater and throughout your home and office, when you click here to connect to our “Money-Saving Energy-Reducing Green Plumbing” page.

All of these tips are a great start, but for individualized advice for your home or office, call us at Robinson’s Plumbing Service for a Green Analysis consultation and advice that makes sense for your own personal situation. Our Green Analysis includes estimates of price, so that you can decide what strategies make the most sense for you right now. We can even come up with an action plan, so that you can implement pieces of your strategy over time. You’d be amazed how starting with the little things can create extra savings fast!

From our family to yours, have a green spring!

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