Plumbing Services

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Commercial or residential, emergency repairs or planned maintenance, renovations and upgrades—we have plumbing solutions for all your service needs.

Robinson’s Plumbing Service has a team of qualified, background-checked, drug-tested, and fully trained plumbers serving the entire central Virginia region from Charlottesville to Richmond. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Quick List of Services:

• Emergency Plumbing
• Bathroom, kitchen, laundry plumbing
• Fix clogged toilets, sinks and bathtubs
• Gas Line installations & repair
• Hot water heater installations & repair
• Well Pump, Bladder tank installations & repair
• Sewer/drain line repair & maintenance
• Electronic leak detection
• Backflow prevention devices tested, repaired, and replaced
• Replace polybutylene, lead, or copper pipes
• Green plumbing
• Plumbing prevention programs

Emergency Plumbing Services 24/7

If you have a true emergency, such as no working toilet or an uncontrollable water leak, we are available 24/7 with usually a 1-2 hour response time. Call our main business line 804.794.0918 in Richmond or 434.244.2989 in Charlottesville. If it’s outside of our regular business hours, Mon-Fri, 7:30am-4:30pm, no worries! You can count on the RPS team to answer your call.


Plumbing Repair Services

Repair and Install bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room plumbing

Remodeling a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room? We can repair and install faucets, fixtures, pipes, toilets, showers, natural gas lines, washer and dryer hook-ups and more. Call us for answers on the scope of a project.

Unclog Blocked Drains

Do you have a perpetually clogged drain in the sink, shower or bathtub drain or a constantly blocked toilet? We will unclog the pipe and can inspect the line with a drain camera to let you know if it is a simple clogged drain or potentially a sewer line issue.

Sewer lines

Full service maintenance and repair on sewer and drain lines. We do a video inspection to diagnose the problem. Then, we can jet the drains using pressurized water to clear and restore lines to “like-new” condition or replace lines entirely if needed.

Water heaters

Robinson’s Plumbing Service can install gas, electric, and the new energy-saving tankless hot water heaters. Unsure which type of water is best for you? Let us help you calculate the best buy for your money and your needs.


Call Robinson’s Plumbing Service 

Richmond: 804-794-0918

Charlottesville: 434-244-2989

Well Pumps

The team at Robinson’s Plumbing Service is specially trained in installing or repairing well pumps and bladder tanks.

Backflow protection devices

If you need backflow protection to keep non-potable water from back flowing into your water supply, we’re your one-stop source. We can do the installation, testing, inspection, and certification!

Plumbing for new construction and remodeling

Whether you’re adding more space, giving your home a facelift, or starting from scratch, we can help you with ideas and plans and make sure that everything is up to code.


If you have polybutylene or lead pipes, or if the pipes bringing fresh water into your home are full of sediment, it may be time to repipe all or part of the plumbing system.

Gasfitting – Natural Gas or Propane Gas Lines

Need natural gas or propane lines installed or repaired? We’re experts at new construction and retro-fitting. We have experience running gas lines for gas fireplaces, gas stoves, dryers, furnaces, boilers, outdoor BBQ gas grills and gas fire pits.


Call Robinson’s Plumbing Service 

Richmond: 804-794-0918

Charlottesville: 434-244-2989

Specialized Plumbing Programs

Green plumbing consultations

Want to reduce your energy and water usage to save the planet—or maybe just to save yourself some green? Contact us for a professional office or home inspection to get tips on how you can reduce your water and energy usage and save yourself a bundle at the same time.

Personalized Plumbing Prevention Program

A yearly program that you can subscribe to that saves you money if you have planned renovations, multiple rental properties to manage, or an older property that regularly needs maintenance. Choose from four different options to best suit your situation, depending on how much work you need. Each package comes with a Green Consultation and an annual inspection and check-up of your entire plumbing system from the crawlspace to the attic.

Electronic leak detection

If you are away from your home or office a lot, have rental properties or particularly valuable or irreplaceable property and documents that need protection, save potential hassles and water damage with an electronic leak detection system. WaterSafe is a system that monitors leaks in likely areas, such as around major appliances. If a leak is detected, water can be shut off remotely before it damages—minimizing hassles and saving you time and money. We are one of only five certified WaterSafe dealers and installers in metro Richmond. You may qualify for a discount on your insurance premiums!