Plumbing Prevention Programs | Two

If your property is a little larger, you think you’ll need more work done, and you want the benefit of our professional winterization and seasonal service, in addition to our Green Consultation and our annual check-up, our second tier in the Plumbing Prevention Program may be the right choice for you. You get some extra service, plus 15% off repairs!
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Program Details
  • Annual inspection and check-up: We will do an inspection of your entire plumbing system = anything we can see feel or touch ,with a full report on any repairs or recommendations
  • Green cost-benefit analysis and help with planning the work and payments
  • Move to the front of the line | 1-hour call time during business hours, M-F, 7:30 a-4p; 2-hour call time outside of business hours, including weekends
  • 15% discount on Repairs ONLY
  • Winterization/Seasonal consultation
  • RPS’s great 2-year warranty on all labor and material we supply
To learn more call 804-794-0918