10 Tips to Caring for Your Pipes this Winter

Thanksgiving is over and the harsh winter weather is well on its way. If you’ve ever experienced a burst pipe, you know it’s a quick way to ruin your day. With the proper care and attention you can avoid the stresses of freezing pipes this winter. Below are ten tips to caring for your pipes this winter.

  1. Disconnect garden hoses.
  2. Never drop your thermostat below 55 degrees, even when you leave to go out of town.
  3. Keep garage doors closed if water supply lines run through the garage.
  4. Insulate attics, basements and crawl spaces.
  5. Wrap pipes in thermal-retaining heat-tape.
  6. Keep kitchen cabinet doors open to let heat circulate to the plumbing.
  7. Shut off valves to outdoor faucets.
  8. Patch up any air leaks around pipes, dryer vents, or other outside connections.
  9. If you experience frozen pipes use an electric heating pad around the pipes to thaw them out.
  10. When a frozen pipe starts unthawing, leave the faucet dripping to keep water moving.

Frozen Faucet In Winter

If you do experience a burst pipe, don’t panic. Cut off water to the source of the leak and call a plumber. Burst pipes aren’t just a hassle, they can cause major damage to your home. Even worse, water that reaches electric lines could cause a fire. With regular maintenance from a professional plumber and the proper care you can lessen your odds of undergoing a plumbing disaster this winter.

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