5 False Plumbing Facts Everyone Thinks Are True

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation about plumbing being passed around. Over the years we’ve seen it all, and too often we hear these five myths repeated like plumbing-gospel. We are here to set the record straight and debunk the plumbing myths that are doing more harm than good.

Earthshattering Plumbing Myths Debunked

1.Lemons Down the Garbage Disposal – We’ve all heard this one. The tipsters say putting lemons down the disposal keeps the blades clean and gives the kitchen a pleasant aroma. Don’t do it. In reality, citric acid can corrode metal components inside the disposal, so throw lemon, orange and lime peels in the compost or garbage. Instead use ice cubes and a little white vinegar to clean your disposal if it starts to smell.

2.Man With PlungerLiquid Drain Cleaner Dissolves Solids – Although quite potent, liquid drain cleaner will not dissolve solids. Your first line of assault on a clogged drain should always be the plunger. Plungers work on more than just the toilet. If you have a multi-basin sink, be sure to plug the side you aren’t plunging to create an air tight seal between the plunger and the clog. The same goes for a bathtub drain. Unscrew the spillover drain cover and plug that hole before plunging (a wet rolled-up rag works great).

3. My Water Heater is Going to Explode! – So your water heater is making some funny noises. Scary right? This is usually the result of sediment build up in the bottom of your tank. The sediment creates gases that rise and make noise bubbling to the top of the tank. Don’t worry, the tank isn’t going to explode, but it may be an indicator that it’s time to drain some water from the tank to flush sediment. Look for the nozzle at the bottom of the tank and drain about one third of the water out of your hot water tank once a year to prevent sediment accumulation.

4.Brick in the Back of Your Toilet – Everyone has a relative or family members that insists on putting bricks in the back compartment of toilets to save water. Although this is a great idea in concept, bricks deteriorate over time, which can damage the components of your toilet. Sometimes the trick backfires completely, displacing too much water and requiring the dreaded ‘double flush.’

Toilet Bowl Flush.

5.Toilets Flush in the Opposite Direction in South America – Sorry. We know this is a fun one and hate to debunk this fact, but you deserve to know the truth. The design of the toilet actually determines the direction of the flush.


Now that you know the truth, don’t be one of those people that only calls a plumber when faced with disaster. Contact the best plumbing company in Virginia to keep your plumbing in working order all year round. Follow us on Facebook for more tips and plumbing advice.