Bathtub Replacements for Your Personal Retreat

Convert your bathroom to a personal retreat with a new luxury bathtub replacement.

Convert your bathroom to a personal retreat with a new luxury bathtub replacement.

Is 2014 the year of your dream bathroom? Bathtub replacements can be simple inserts that fit into the existing space, or may require some remodeling work to fit your new dream tub into the space. However you choose to upgrade your bath, contact Robinson’s Plumbing Service to install your new bathtub and handle the plumbing updates to accommodate your bathroom remodel.

Luxury Bathtub Replacement Options

Homeowners looking for an indoor retreat often seek large tubs with jets or other propelled water and air to deliver massaging relaxation. Jacuzzi tubs are popular because of the hydrotherapy experiences including Soaking, Whirlpool and Pure Air (which combines air and water to deliver massaging warm air bubbles). Contoured backrests and sculpted arm rests provide comfortable reclining while you relax.

Comfort and Safety Bathtub Replacement Options


Maintain safety and still enjoy the relaxation of a bath with walk-in tubs, like this one from Jacuzzi.

For added safety, comfort and convenience, walk in bathtubs help ease stress associated with bathing and reduce the risk of serious falls that often occur in the bathroom. Many manufacturers design walk-in bathtubs with side door openings that give easy step in access, but also seal shut to allow the tub to fill for a traditional bath or shower with the wand.

View the manufacturers’ pages to see some of the brands we install, including Jacuzzi whirlpool tubs.

Contact Robinson’s Plumbing Service and we’ll be happy to help you convert your bathroom to a retreat you’ll enjoy.