Knowing Where You’re Main Water Shut Off Valve is Located

Ask yourself this question, “Do I know where my main shut off valve is located?” Robinson’s Plumbing Service always stresses to our clients (plus anyone in their household) the importance of knowing where your main shut off valve is located in your home.
On May 17th at roughly 12:30 a.m., Gary received a call from a client in a state of panic. Water was coming through the ceiling from the second floor into the first floor, through the dry wall and air conditioning vent. A water line had broken in a wall upstairs. The client didn’t know how to shut the water off, and asked for our services that evening. Gary was happy to assist and instruct the home owner on the most common places to find the main shut off valve. Once our client entered the crawl space, within a couple feet to the right, left, or the ceiling above is a common location where the shut off valve is commonly located. After our client noticed several valves, he wasn’t sure which one was the actual main shut off valve. After Gary assisted the gentlemen, he located the shut off valve. By doing this he was able to put our visit off until the next day, which he was about to avoid being charged our after hours rate.

We were able to schedule him first thing the next morning. In which we traveled out, removed the drywall, found the broken pipe, corrected the issue, and got his water back on for him. Ultimately, just as brakes on your car are the most important component of a car, we feel the shut off valve is the most important component to your home. Robinson’s Plumbing Service is always happy to oblige no matter the time of day or night.
Please make sure that everyone in your home knows where that main shut off valve is. Robinson’s Plumbing Service recommends relocating this valve to underneath the kitchen sink cabinet. This way when you go on vacation or small excursion for the weekend you can easily open the cabinet door, turn the water off, go away for the weekend, and easily turn it back on when you get home. By doing this, the worry about getting dirty crawling under the house, or shoveling away snow in the winter to get into the access door will be eliminated.

Main Shut Off Valve