Sewer Line Repair

No one likes surprise home maintenance problems, but a sewer line backup is especially unpleasant. If your sinks and tubs drain slowly or if your toilet is always clogged, this could be a symptom of a sewer line problem. If the toilet is backing up and sewage appears in the tub or the sinks from the drain, this is a clear sign of a blockage in the sewer line. When you flush the toilet, it can’t get down to the manhole in the street so it flows to the next available location. This problem requires more than simply unclogging the toilet, a plumber needs to inspect the sewer line.

What Causes Sewer Line Back Ups?

The main causes of sewer line blockages are root infiltration, structural defects or solid material blocking the pipes.

Root Infiltration: Tree roots seek out moisture and will often grow into the pipes; blocking the flow and can cause structural damage.

Structural Damage: We often find this to be the source at older homes with terra cotta pipes that have simply worn out and need to be replaced with modern plumbing.

Flushable WipesSolid Material: The accumulation of cooking grease and hair over time can cause a blockage. More often though, we find something solid has been flushed such as disposable diapers, trash and or even toys that prevent the flow of waste out of your home. Baby wipes and feminine products are the most common cause of sewer line blockages. Although manufacturers state that the materials are flushable and usually go through the toilet itself, wipes and tampons often get hung up or cling to the drain pipe. If your drain line is made of cast iron or galvanized piping, flushed materials are more likely to cause the whole house to back up.

Clear Your Sewer or Drain

If you notice the symptoms of a sewer line back up, contact Robinson’s Plumbing to get it repaired as soon as possible, because this problem typically gets worse at the most inconvenient time, which could result in a higher cost to correct the issues. Robinson’s Plumbing Service has all the necessary equipment (sewer cameras and locaters) to pinpoint exactly what and where the problem is. This is valuable information when determining the cost for repair. We also have options such as jetting the drain line which could clear or clean it back to its original state .