Autocirc-The Coolest Thing since Indoor Toilets

Believe it or not, plumbing just got a little sexier—and a little more logical – Autocirc.

We don’t get to say that very often about plumbing, but wait till you hear about this— Autocirc it’s truly amazing.

You know how it seems to take forever sometimes for the water to get hot in your sink faucet or shower—especially in the winter time? It’s bad enough that you’re wasting time waiting, when you need to be getting ready or doing other things . What about all that water you’re wasting too? Not good for your utility bill or the environment that’s not very green.

Here comes the coolest thing ever! – Autocirc

The Coolest Thing since Indoor Toilets. Now, there’s a little pump that you can buy that’s basically an instant hot water heater for your sink! Sound a bit luxurious? Well, maybe it is—but when you think about how many gallons of water get wasted waiting for the hot water to go from your hot water heater to your faucet in your sink or shower, it starts to sound more like an eco-necessity.

It’s called Autocirc, and it’s recommended in any home or office where you have to wait more than 30 seconds for the water to get hot at the faucet. Autocirc is a small water pump and thermostat that you install at the faucet that is farthest away from your water heater.

When the water in your hot water supply line cools down to 85° F, Autocirc kicks in. It pumps the water that isn’t hot any more from the hot supply line into the cool water line, sending it back to the water heater to be heated. As soon as the hot water in the hot supply line reaches 95° F, it turns off. By cycling off and on throughout the day, you have shower warm water on demand, when you need it, with the really hot water just seconds behind it.


You have hot water faster at all the faucets in the line between your heater and Autocirc.

And considering that sometimes you only need a few seconds of hot water (even a thorough hand washing only takes 20 seconds), it seems ridiculous to have to wait longer for the water to get hot than what you even needed the water for in the first place. Autocirc solves that problem.

The Autocirc pump can save the average family a minimum of 15,000 gallons of water a year! You won’t hear it working, because it’s completely silent. It requires only 33 watts (.3 amps) of power, so it only costs pennies a day to operate—or usually less than $1.50 a year.

As you can see, this little water heater very quickly pays for itself. It’s a simple design and a simple idea that could revolutionize plumbing and our expectations of what our plumbing can do for us.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

We’re very excited about this little pump. It’s one of the simplest and most cost effective new items that we’ve seen on the market in a while. If you have questions about how Autocirc might work in your own home or office, please give us a call at 804-794-0918. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.