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You know how we know State water heaters can stand up to even the most brutal Virginia summer or any freak snow or ice storm our region can dish out?

Because State Industries, Inc., the maker of State water heaters, tests every one of their products in the most extreme regions of the world. From the harsh, almost alien-like conditions in the desert of Roswell, New Mexico, to the 40-degrees-below-zero Farenheit temperatures of Denali, Alaska, they know what their products can take. State water heaters are designed to stand up to the harshest conditions—and tested mercilessly to make sure they can take the heat. (Pun completely intended.)

And yet, even under extreme circumstances, State water heaters are designed to be some of the longest lasting products on the market—products you can really depend on.

These are just some of the reasons why State Industries, Inc., is one of America’s leading and most trusted manufacturers of commercial and residential water heaters. They offer over 500 water heater products for everything from dorms, apartments, and residences to nursing homes, medical facilities, and manufacturing plants. When it’s got to be right—and it’s got to last—homeowners, contractors, and safety managers know they can count on State’s quality. They stay on the leading edge of developing new technologies that ensure longer product life—something they’ve built their reputation on.

Based in Ashland City, Tennessee, State has seven water heater manufacturing plants. Hundreds of distribution centers across the United States ensure efficient service to State’s national customer base of residential homeowners, wholesalers, contractors, and other members of the engineering community. All State products are backed by customer technical support and durable tank and parts warranty.



With over 500 water heater products, State offers customized solutions for all residential and commercial hot water and storage needs. The main categories below outline State’s product offerings; for more detailed information, visit

The scope of our product line today is a perfect example. Never before have so many residential and commercial water heaters, storage tanks, and related products carried the State brand. We have introduced over 300 new products, including a dramatic expansion of the State commercial offering and have added the ever-growing tankless models to our product line.

  • Residential Electric—State Premier® Electric, State Select® Electric, and State Scout® Electric lines offer homeowners customized electric choices for their water heating needs.
  • Residential Gas—State Premier® Gas, State Select® Gas, and Aurora™ On-Demand options provide high-efficiency, gas solutions for residential applications.
  • Commercial Electric—Several options for commercial electric products include the State Self-Cleaning Sandblaster®, Light-Duty Patriot™, and Heavy-Duty Statesman™ lines.
  • Commerical Gas—Various models from the Ultra Force™, Self-Cleaning Sandblaster®, and The Titan® Series product lines provide commercial gas heating solutions.
  • Storage Tanks—PGV, UVG, and UGV series tanks increase storage capacity when used along with water heaters and domestic hot water heating boilers.
  • Pump Tanks—State offers five pump tank models, designed to properly collect, store, and dose wastewater.
  • Expansion Tanks—Waterguard™ and Thermo-Flex™ products eliminate damage to water heater connections and provide added system protection.
  • Tankless Water Heaters—The Aurora™ On-Demand gas water heater heats water as it is used, providing residents with an energy-efficient, space-saving option.


In 1946, State Water Heaters was founded by Herbert Lindahl, Sr. as a small entrepreneurial company producing coal and wood-burning stoves in a garage in Nashville, Tennessee. In the years that followed, State expanded and became a leader in the water heating industry, through steadfast commitments to seeking new materials, new technology and innovative engineering techniques.

Landmark moments in State’s proud history include:

  • 1948—State produces its first electric water heater.
  • 1954—State expands product lines and manufactures first gas-fired water heaters.
  • 1956—State manufactures its first welded-steel galvanized tanks.
  • 1957—State produces its first porcelainized glass-lined tanks; the basic design feature is still in use today.
  • 1979—State is granted US patents for their Sandblaster® commercial water heater design, which reduces sediment and scale in the tank. State is also first to use foam insulation to line the space between the tank and the jacket of the water heater.
  • 1996—State is the world’s largest water heater manufacturer with over 2,900 employees and average daily production of over 10,000 units. The company introduces a complete new product line that includes the Premium™ and Select™ models.

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