Water Filtration & Treatment

Water filtration systems are becoming more common in residential homes due to published research concerning the harmful effects that chemicals in our tap water have on our bodies and the environment. Robinson Plumbing professionally installs and provides maintenance for the ECOsmarte Water Filtration system. Call us to schedule an appointment or to get more information.

The Effects of Chlorine

Since it’s introduction to water treatment, chlorine has become the sole method used for disinfecting water because of it’s potency and acceptance as a germicide by public health officials.

While proven useful for water filtration, we continue learning about the price we pay for chlorination of water. The side effects of chlorine, bromine, aluminum, phosphates, chromates, etc. cause adverse effects on both human and environmental health. The Environmental Defense Fund simply stated chlorine is a pesticide, as defined by the U.S. EPA, whose sole purpose is to kill living organisms. When we consume water containing chlorine, it kills some part of us, destroying cells and tissue inside our body.

Dr. Robert Carlson, a highly respected University of Minnesota researcher whose work is sponsored by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, sums it up by claiming , “the chlorine problem is similar to that of air pollution”, and adds that “chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times”. According to the U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality, “Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.”

Benefits of ECOsmarte Water System

Instead of using chlorine to disinfect your water supply, ECOsmarte uses natural oxygen and pharmaceutical grade carbon to deal with:

  • Odorecosmarte_logo
  • Water Treatment Chemicals (Chlorine)
  • Gas byproducts from water treatment
  • Dioxin, Bromoform, Chloroform, and 7 other VOCs

The ECOsmarte Whole House Water Product Line brings state-of-the-art electronic ionization, titanium oxidation and multimedia filtration into the residential water market.This process dramatically improve the quality of water by filtering out 99.5% of the chlorine, ammonia and other chemicals that may be added to the water. In addition to sanitizing the water, the ECOsmarte system protects your plumbing and appliances by preventing minerals from forming hard scale by providing bottled water quality. This decreases maintenance and increase the life of all your water-using appliances.

ECOsafe technology is available for all city water and well water applications, but it’s important to have a professional plumber properly install the system and check for leaks.


The Quick And Easy Installation Process

Robinson’s Plumbing can install the ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry Systems in about 2-4 hours. Systems will be installed where the water service enters the home. The system needs to be housed so that it is protected from freezing temperatures. It requires 110 volt electrical service and a means to dispose of waste water from periodic backwashing of the filter media. A minimum water flow of 11 GPM is necessary to adequately clean the filter media during the backwash cycle. The water discharged during backwashing is not harmful to the environment and can be discharged onto a lawn or into the sewer.

Enjoy Your Low-Maintenance ECOsmarte Water System

ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry systems are totally automated and require no work or assistance to operate properly.

Most of the maintenance is also automated. The filter media automatically backwashes periodically based on programmable settings. The ECOsmarte filter media has a life span of 5-7 years and can be changed by the homeowner or a certified plumber from Robinson’s Plumbing.The ECOsmarte ionization chamber does need to be cleaned two to three times per year. The chamber can be removed by hand, cleaned and replaced in less than 10 minutes. Copper electrodes in the chamber also have a life span of 5-7 years. The ECOsmarte system requires no chemicals or salt to be added or filters to be replaced, so it is as maintenance free as a total home water treatment system can be.