Sewer & Water Lines

Sewer Line Backups are unseen and unpleasant

Drain Clog Culpritt

“Flushable” wipes may flush but still clog sewer pipes.

If you notice your sinks and tubs drain slowly, toilets backup and sewage appears in the sink or tub, you probably have a sewer line blockage. The main causes of sewer drain clogs are root infiltration, structural damage or a build-up of solid material (cooking grease, hair, disposable diapers, toys, baby wipes and feminine products). Read more about what causes clogs so you can prevent sewer line backups.

Unclogging Sewage Backup

Sewer line clogs should be repaired immediately as the problem typically gets worse with time. It’s never at a convenient time to have drain problems but the longer you wait the worse the blockage becomes and the more it costs to repair.

We use specialized sewer cameras and locaters to pinpoint the location and cause of the backup. We may jet the drain line to clear it back to the original unclogged state. Contact us to have one of our plumbing technicians unclog your sewer drain.

Water Line Issues and Homeowner Responsibility

The water flowing from the meter to your house is your responsibility. The county/city has responsibility from the water source to the meter. But when there is a problem in the line between the meter and the house that needs to be repaired or replaced, it is up to the homeowner.

Water line problems may be hard to detect so if you notice any of the following, contact Robinson’s Plumbing Service as soon as possible to prevent outrageous water bills.

  • Your front lawn is soggier than usual in spots, even when it hasn’t rained
  • Lower or no water pressure or flow in your home
  • Blue-colored piping bringing water into your home during excavation or other work
  • High lead content when you had your water tested
  • A dramatic increase in your water bill with no explanation

How we examine the water line:

  • Check to see if the pipes are made of lead, copper, or polybutylene, which carry risks and hazards and may need to be replaced.
  • We go through a checklist of action items before we dig up your main water line, to rule out potential causes and come as close as possible to pinpointing the problem and leak location.
  • Pressurizing the line to see if it can hold pressure to ultrasonic listening devices that highlight problems underground before we dig up the line.

Repair is always the first option, and if a new line is necessary, we provide a 20 year guarantee on work and parts, one of the best in the business.

Contact us to have one of our water line sleuths to solve your water issues in Richmond or Charlottesville.