Personalized Plumbing Prevention Programs | One

A great starter package that introduces you to our Personalized Plumbing Prevention Program and saves you 10% on repairs! If you have a smaller office or home, don’t have a lot of work planned, and don’t anticipate having to do too much maintenance, this is a great plan for you. It’s a great way to get our annual plumbing check-up and the Green Consultation, plus the peace of mind that you’ll save money if you need additional work this year.
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Program Details
  • Annual inspection and check-up: We will do an inspection of your entire plumbing system = anything we can see feel or touch ,with a full report on any repairs or recommendations we have and cost associated with it.
  • Green cost-benefit analysis and help with planning the work and payments
  • Move to the front of the line—1-hour call time during business hours, M-F, 7:30a-4p; 2-hour call time outside of business hours, including weekends
  • 10% discount on Repairs ONLY
  • RPS’s great 2-year warranty
To learn more call 804-794-0918