Got A Gurgling Sink?

down the drainIgnoring funny noises coming from your drain is not something you should do. Any time a gurgling noise is heard coming from a kitchen or bathroom drain it needs to be investigated. Many people think if water is draining, then the drain noise is probably no big deal. The truth is it could be a warning sign of a much bigger problem in the pipes.

Causes of Gurgling Drain

There are several reasons you might hear a bubbling or gurgling sound coming from your drain:

1. It could be due to a clog that hasn’t caused backflow yet. When a clog occurs, pockets of air often get trapped and bubble up through the water sitting on top of the clog, resulting in the gurgling sound you hear. If a clog is the culprit, don’t use chemicals to try to dissolve it. Many products that claim to be “drain clearing” can severely damage your pipes, eventually leading to a much more costly repair than calling a plumber to clear a clog.

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2. Blocked drain vents are another reason you might hear a gurgling sound coming from your drain. Drain vents are designed to prevent sewer gases from building up in your drainpipes by diverting the gas up through pipes in the roof. Occasionally these drain vents get blocked by birds building nests on or in them or the weather blowing leaves and other debris in them. When a blockage occurs the sewer gas backs up into your drainpipe, which creates a gurgling sound when water is run down the drain.

3. The most serious reason for drain gurgling is damage of the main sewer line. If the sewer line to your home has a block or break, sewage can back up into all the drains in your house. The first indication of a sewer line problem is often a gurgling sound coming from the drain, as the sewer gases are forced back up through the lines.

What To Do or What Not To Do

First and foremost, don’t ignore the problem. Regardless of the cause, gurgling drains are an indication of a problem within your pipes. Use caution if you decide to fix it alone, pipes don’t always reseal properly after being disassembled. A proper drain vent inspection could require roof access, which can be particularly dangerous if your roof has a steep grade. A professional plumber can investigate the issue, go over repair options with you and get your drains flowing smoothly and quietly once again.

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