Get Your Grill & Home Ready for Memorial Day Celebrations

memorial day flag

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer—and it’s right around the corner! But while you’re gearing up for celebrations and backyard barbeques, don’t forget to think about the strain this time of year puts on your home’s plumbing system. Anything can happen when you pair fun in the sun with a houseful of family and friends—especially where plumbing and cooking is involved.

We’re here to share with you share with you some tips for getting the inside, and outside, of your home ready for summer get-togethers. These suggestions can also prevent a houseguest’s slipup from turning into your emergency repair.

Take Proper Plumbing Precautions

1. Cooking grease belongs in the trash! Once grease cools, it hardens into a solid. This is no match for your kitchen sink. Grease clogs back up the line and destroy the disposal. Let cooking grease sit before disposing of it in the trash can.

2. Opt for bathroom hand towels not napkins. Disposable seasonal napkins might be festive, but they run the risk of being flushed down the toilet. Although you can’t oversee people’s bathroom visits you can take precaution by keeping a trash can (and plunger!) handy.

3. Notice any standing water. Sprinklers are great for keeping your lawn lush (and the kids cool!), but before you run it, make sure there is no standing water in the yard. This time of year afternoon storms are common, and it’s possible your lawn may become so saturated creating a sewer line backup.

Preparing Gas Lines for Grilling Season

One of the best parts about summer in the Richmond and Charlottesville areas is backyard barbeques. Whether you’ve been cooking with gas for quite some time, or this is the year you’ll install the outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted, there are a few things you need to know before you fire up the grill.

1. Give your grill a deep cleaning. Start the season fresh—wipe down grill walls, scrub and rinse grates, as well as clean the drip pan. When not in use, keep the lid closed and clean the inside regularly.

2. Open up the gas line. If you turned off gas to the grill before winter, you’ll want to ensure it’s opened up before checking the basics.

3. Test for gas leaks. Brushing gas lines with soapy water while running the gas is helpful to identifying leaks and cracks.

4. Check flame color. Not seeing blue flames with yellow tips? An all-yellow flame typically indicates there is not enough pressure coming from the gas tank.

Gas Line Repair

Before the grill becomes your primary means of cooking, give it a onceover. To utilize a gas line for grilling, you need to ensure the piping is functioning properly for the system to work correctly. Low flames, drops in heat output and faulty pilot lights are just several common issues that you can identify and have repaired now, before they threaten your good time—contact us!

Gas Line Installation

Ever consider upgrading outdoor living and cooking areas to gas? Our technicians are expert gas fitters, skilled at installing gas lines for fireplaces, gas stove tops and grills—everywhere you need the convenience of gas to make outdoor living that much sweeter this summer season. We provide service for all your gas line needs!


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