Retrieving Jewelry Lost Down the Drain

retrieving jewelry lost down the drain

One of your valuables slips down the sink drain with the blink of an eye…

Suddenly, you’re faced with a major plumbing emergency.

The cherished engagement ring you removed to scrub the dishes, the diamond stud you unknowingly brushed out of your earlobe or that elegant bracelet that slid right off your wrist…it happens to the best of us.

Before you go into a panic, stop, and take a deep breath and read the following…

Timeliness in retrieving the item should be your primary concern. The sink shouldn’t be used until the valuable is recovered, or else it could slip further into oblivion. In a rush and can’t get to it right away? A little yellow caution tape over the sink should let everyone else in the house know you mean business. We urge you to act as soon as possible. Here are some steps…

  1. Turn off the water! Any water flow may force the object further down the drain line before it drops into the sewer line and never to be seen again. If you stop the water in time, it’s likely the valuable is sitting somewhere in the P-trap which is the best place possible for easy removal. Not to state the obvious, but if you’re dealing with something in the kitchen sink, never turn on the garbage disposal!
  1. Grab a heavy-duty magnet. This might be a longshot, but it could also be a marvelous fix. Attach it to a string and carefully lower into the drain to see if the item catches the magnetic force. If you’re lucky you’ll pull the magnet out along with your valuable attached!
  1. If the magnet trick fails, it’s time to get down and dirty. Grab a large bucket to place underneath the P-trap. This will catch all the water, grime, and if you’re lucky, the jewelry that’s lost somewhere in the line.
  1. Next, you’ll need to get a wrench or pliers. Unscrew the slip nuts on the pipe and carefully remove the “J” shaped part of the trap from the rest of the plumbing line. Hopefully your item slips right out into the bucket along with all the other gunk in the line. Before you put it all back together, take the opportunity to do some much needed drain cleaning.

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  1. Replace the trap and tightly fasten the screws back in place. If you’re unfamiliar with basic plumbing to-do’s or you’re so frantic you can’t possibly do it yourself, just give one of our plumbing experts a call. We’ll come right out and do our best to reconnect you with your valuable.

Proactive, preventative measures to ensure drain health

Even if the item is not of value, it’s important to take the effort to remove it. Anything foreign that goes down the drain is susceptible to getting wrapped up in hair, soap scum, food remains and other debris which may further cause a nasty clogged drain.

If this unfortunate event has taught you anything it should be to take precautionary measures any time you have something small, delicate and of value anywhere around a slippery sink. There are plenty of inexpensive products and best practices to prevent this from happening again. Here are some tips…

  • Don’t remove jewelry directly over an opened, unstopped sink. Fine jewelry plus a slippery, wet area is asking for trouble.  
  • Putting earrings in over the sink? Use a sink stopper to ensure anything that slips stays in the sink and out of the drain.
  • Remove rings before scrubbing soiled dishes. Keep a jewelry tray nearby, away from the basin, to safeguard your valuables while you get your hands dirty.
  • Use drain stoppers in your kitchen and bathroom sinks to prevent items from being washed away. There are plenty of options from metal to mesh for a perfect fit, with drain holes large enough to allow water flow, but small enough to keep jewelry safe.

Count on Robinson’s for all your plumbing emergencies

Whether it’s a cherished piece of jewelry that slips down the drain, or an intense clog breeding deep in the line, it takes attention and preemptive measures to ensure your drains are healthy and  to keep unnecessary items out and water going with the flow.

If you’ve attempted to retrieve an item with no luck, don’t lose hope. Keep the sink out of order and give us a call!

For all of your plumbing repairs and drain problems, contact Robinson’s Plumbing.