Summer Water Conservation Tips

When summer rolls around, everyone gets excited about the warm weather, outdoor activities, vacation, and other summertime fun. With that boost in activity comes an increased need for your everyday resources–things as simple as food, electricity, and water!

If you’re not paying attention, it probably won’t seem like you’re using much more water than normal during the summer months. But, when you take a closer look, you start to realize just how often you rely on water throughout the day.

You already know that using water carefully is good for your local ecosystem and helps to minimize pollution in nearby bodies of water. You also know that smart water consumption will lead to lower water bills: The less water you use and waste, the more money you’ll save each month! But, did you know that water conservation also helps prevent wear & tear on your septic and sewer systems? It’s true! The less water that has to travel through those systems, the longer they will hold up and the less you’ll have to pay for repairs.

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, to save money every month, and to prevent or prolong costly maintenance bills, here are some tips for conserving water during the summer:

Fix Faucet & Toilet Leaks

People often put a lot of emphasis on plumbing maintenance during cold months because of the chances of pipes freezing and because it’s terrifying to imagine taking cold showers in the middle of winter. But, plumbing issues–like leaky faucets, toilets, and other seemingly minor problems around the house–can be very costly during the summer months as well. Even just a small leak from your sink or toilet can add up over time and cost you a great deal of money. Plus, the chances of a major issue occurring go up the longer you leave those little leaks alone. That is especially true if the leak is dripping onto floors, furniture, appliances, or other damageable items in your home.

Don’t Forget The Exterior Faucets

When considering repairing leaks around the house, don’t forget to check your exterior faucets and water spigots. Because they are outside in the elements, they face a higher degree of abuse and are prone to damage and leaks. You may have noticed leaks when you turn the spigot on to water plants outside or wash your car. Even if the water sprays up for just a second before settling down, it could be a sign that you have a smaller, more constant leak when you’re not using it.

Consider Vegetation That Requires Less Water

This may seem extreme (and if you have an award-winning garden then you can go ahead and skip this section), but when it comes time to replace plants around the house or even vegetables in your garden, you can choose the plants that require the least amount of water to save money every month! In addition to conserving water, you’ll be able to spend less time standing outside watering all your plants and your plants will be more likely to survive through harsh conditions (including when you forget to water them).

Decrease The Amount Of Water Used During Routine Activities

Another way to conserve water and save money is to pay more attention to the amount of water you use during routine activities. This includes everything from taking a shower to washing your car. When added up over time, these small changes will have a great impact on the amount of water you use. Many of these can even be carried over through the other seasons. Here are a few ways to save water during routine activities:

  • Load your dishwasher with more items per load
  • Load your washing machine with more articles per load and use energy efficient detergent
  • Wash your car using a smaller amount of water. You can also keep it covered to decrease the number of times you need to wash it
  • Don’t run the water the whole time you brush your teeth
  • Take shorter showers (turn the water on only once you’re ready to get in and don’t linger). If you take baths, try taking showers instead
  • Use hand sanitizers that don’t require washing your hands

Use These Tips And More To Conserve Water During The Summer

While you’re enjoying the beautiful weather and fun activities this summer, try using just a few of these tips and you’ll notice a decrease in your water bill while saving your sewer system and helping to protect your environment. If you do other activities that involve using water, come up with your own ways to conserve water even more!

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