5 Simple Ways To Conserve Water At Home

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The average family in America uses over 300 gallons of water per day. That’s over 100,000 gallons of water each year! But, most people can conserve water at home by making just a few small changes around the house. Here are a few ways that you can start using less water and saving more money today.


Don’t Leave Your Faucet Running

Do you leave the water running the whole time when you wash your hands? Do you leave the water running while you brush your teeth? These small amounts of time may not seem like a big deal, but if you add them up throughout the day, the extra water used is actually significant over time. You can save 3 to 5 gallons per use by turning the water off while brushing your teeth and 3 to 5 more gallons per use by filling the bowl instead of letting the water run while shaving.

Take Short Showers

Do you take baths or long showers? Sure, taking a bath at the end of a long, hard day is relaxing and soothing. But, you’re literally paying for it! The average bathtub uses up to 70 gallons of water!

Showers can use up a lot of water as well. The average person showers for 8 minutes and uses 18 gallons of water. How do you compare? Even by cutting down from 10 minutes to 8 minutes per shower, you would save over 1600 gallons of water per year.

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Use Efficient Products

The EPA has created a program called “WaterSense” in an effort to promote water products, programs, and habits that will help conserve water and save money. You can find these labels on toilets, sinks, shower heads, and more. These products come with a range of features and prices. The WaterSense products tend to be a little more expensive but they’ll last longer, operate more efficiently and save you money in the long run.

Use A Rain Barrel

Keep your plants and your bank account in good shape by using a rain barrel. Choose from barrels that either use water directly from the sky or hook into your gutters. You can then use that water for flowers and plants around the house. In a survey by DC Urban Gardeners, the average rain barrel user saved about $35 on the water bill during the summer. With barrels running around $100, you’d make the cost up in just a few summers and save every year after.

Fix Your Leaks

There are water pipes running all around your house. From the ground, through your walls and into your sinks, toilets, dishwasher, washing machine, and more. Because water runs all through your house, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a leak at some point. A leak isn’t necessarily from a pipe either. The culprits often seem minor like those from leaky faucets or toilet flappers. But, according to the EPA, even a small leak in your faucet could waste over 3,000 gallons of water per year. That’s equivalent to about 180 showers!

Small Changes, Big Savings

Making these small changes around the house can have a major impact in your water consumption and your water bill. Start with one or two and go from there. Get any leaks fixed, even if they seem minor. Do you have a leak that you just can’t fix or you want help making your home more water efficient? Don’t hesitate to contact Robinson’s Plumbing Service today for professional guidance and plumbing service for Richmond or Charlottesville.


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