What is an Automatic Water Shut-Off System?

Automatic water shut-off systems have water sensors on the floor that signal a control panel to shut off the main water supply and alert home owners to potential water damage. These sensors monitor water threats when you are away from your home and while your family is sleeping. People rarely associate flooding with fire, but water is one of the leading causes of electrical fires, especially for those with basements. If water reaches electric devices, a fire could start and anyone that steps into the water could be at risk of electrocution. With a trusted system like WaterSafe, You can rest assured that your home is protected in the event of a leak, burst pipe, or flood damage.

Here is a brief video about WaterSafe protection systems:

Moisture Detected

How does a Water Protection System Work?

Wireless sensors are placed in the basement and under appliances, like the refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher. When one of the wireless sensors detects a water threat, the system will shut off the main water supply and alert homeowners by text, email, and/or phone. Event data is stored by the control panel for insurance records.  When the issue has been fixed, water can be restored to the home with the push of a button. In the meantime, damage to the home remains minimal and the threat of electrical fire is mitigated. WaterSafe systems protect your home so well that many insurance companies will even reduce your home owner’s premium for installing such a system, which could even pay for the cost of installation over time.

WaterSafe for Commercial Properties

It’s the middle of the night. A dishwasher in a condominium on the top floor of a large building starts leaking water that is slowly making its way down to other residents. Electronics, artwork, clothing, rugs and other valuables are being saturated with water, not to mention the obvious threat of fire. When the water is detected, someone has to make a phone call, then everyone has to wait until the water can be turned off at the source. Clean up crews will have to be called in the middle of the night, families will be removed from their homes and anyone with damage to a computer or laptop could have their entire lives or business disrupted. Imagine being responsible for destroying the computer that had pictures from a family’s first Christmas, honeymoon, baby pictures.  All from one faulty appliance that no one could have seen coming. The devastation to a commercial office building in the middle of the night would be equally devastating for the businesses within.

Could an Automatic Water Shut-Off System Protect My Home?

Do you have a home or commercial building that could use the protection of an automatic water shut-off system? Protect your home with a WaterSafe system from Robinson’s Plumbing and keep your family safe. Robinson’s Plumbing is the best plumbing company in Richmond, because we care about your family, your business, and our city as much as you do. Follow us on Facebook for more home tips and plumbing advice.