Do You Know What To Do In a Plumbing Emergency?

kitchen leakDo you know how to shut off the water to your house? It is something many homeowners never think about, but it could save you from a major plumbing emergency. What would you do if your dishwasher suddenly began spewing water throughout your kitchen? What if the water line to your bathroom sprang a leak? Or your clothes washer suddenly malfunctioned?

Often times the water shut off valve is located under your house. It is important to know where this valve is and how to turn it off, but would you be able to do it fast enough to save your wood floors, cabinets, or carpets from water damage? These valves are frequently found underneath your house in dark creepy crawlspaces. Your home most likely has either a gate valve or a ball valve. A gate valve is durable and reliable, but can get hard to turn after years of not being turned. Ball valves can be counter-intuitive, as rather than turning the handle several times to close it, a ball valve only needs to be turned clockwise ΒΌ turn, so it makes a right angle to the pipe.

If you’re unfamiliar with your shut off valve, or if it is in an area difficult to access, we recommend installing a convenient shut off valve under your kitchen sink. Doing so will allow you to quickly and efficiently cut the water supply to your entire house and help to safeguard your home from an expensive plumbing crisis. Get peace of mind and schedule your installation today by calling our Richmond office at 804-794-0918 or our Charlottesville office at 434-244-2989, or contact us online here.