Sewer Drain Camera Inspection

When plumbing waste is not draining properly from your home or business, it can be a big headache. Sometimes it is as easy as unclogging a drain pipe from the toilet, tub or sink, but sometimes the problem is much further down in the sewer line. Since a typical sewer line from the house can be lengthy, it helps to know exactly where to look for a sewer line blockage. Sewer line clogs occur for several reasons including root infiltration, structural collapse of the pipe (often due to old materials like iron or clay) and improper solid material that get stuck in the bends of the sewer line and cause a back-up. Then sewage often comes back into your home through the bathtub, sink and toilet.

What are the primary causes of sewer drain clogs? “Flushable” wipes, tampons, diapers, toys, hair and grease are very common culprits of sewer line clogs.

Get Your Sewer Line Inspected

broken sewer pipe

Our plumber finds a broken sewer pipe in Richmond using a sewer line inspection camera.

Our plumbers will use a sewer drain camera to inspect the sewer line and locate the source of the clog or pinpoint other structural issues like the pipe in this image that is deteriorating.  They’ll give you a quote to repair the sewer line or if the situation warrants, the plumber will jet the line to clear the clog.

Older iron pipes often degenerate over time, meaning the disintegrated pipe slowly crumbles into itself, causing a sludge, that is often composed of the metal material and typical sewer waste. The sludge contributes to a slow flowing sewer pipe.

Schedule Your Sewer Drain Inspection

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