Don’t Be Fooled by “Flushable” Wipes

Our plumbers see it frequently in the Richmond area. Flushable wipes clear the toilet after the flush so users think “great, they ARE flushable”. But those same wipes are often the source of drain clogs further down sewer line and the problem builds over time.  When you have sewage back up because of a clogged drain, it can be frustrating and an expense most homeowners would rather avoid.

Municipal Sewer Lines Clogged

Imagine so many wipes being flushed that it causes a municipal sewer drain to clog. According to a piece on the TODAY Show, there was a “bus sized” clog in London’s municipal sewer, composed of grease and wet wipes. They called it “fatberg”. Taxpayers footed the bill for its removal as well as for system upgrades to try to handle the large amount of flushable wipes that must be shredded with a grinder pump.

Flushable wipe manufacturers point to other products such as non-flushable baby wipes, feminine hygiene products and paper towels, saying they have tested their products thoroughly and know that 90% of municipal drain clogs are from other items. However, a test in Vancouver, Washington showed that the flushable wipes were not breaking down as intended. The increased number of municipal clog problems that coincide with the greater sales of the flushable wipes in the last decade would also imply that flushing any type of wipe is causing problems for local governments.

One of several Toto Washlet Styles available to keep you clean

One of several Toto Washlet Styles available to keep you clean

Better Alternatives for a Clean Derriere

For those of us who excel in personal cleanliness, there are alternative solutions! Contact Robinson’s Plumbing Service to install a specialized toilet seat that includes a warm water rinse and an air dryer. Several Toto Washlet models are available with unique options including automatic lid open/close and flushing. You’ll have a cleaner bottom and will eliminate the need for wipes, and even toilet paper.

Preserve Dignity for Elderly

As we care for loved ones in their later years, a common issue is personal hygiene, as they need help to clean themselves in the bathroom. Washlets are popular in this realm as they allow an older person to use the toilet and the Washlet does the personal cleaning without sacrificing their dignity.

Contact Robinson’s Plumbing Service to schedule an appointment with a plumber to install a Washlet or to upgrade your bathroom with safer, more convenient fixtures.