Turn Off Water While on Vacation

Heading Out on Vacation?

Turn off the main water line so you won’t return to a flooded home and a big headache.  Most of us know a friend or relative who had an appliance leak that caused major damage to their home. Refrigerator ice makers & water dispensers, washing machines, toilets and burst pipes can all break in ways that allow water to flow freely in your home. If no one is there to notice it, that means there is a great amount of water that will ruin flooring, sub-flooring, electronics, drywall, insulation and even the joists of your home.

Even after repairs, a flooded home is susceptible to mold growth because it is difficult to identify every area that was affected. Prevent a major hassle and protect your home by simply turning off the main water valve to your home so the amount of water is limited if a leak occurs.

Move the Main Shut-off Valve for Easy Access

Robinson’s Plumbing Service can help make this easier for you by rerouting the main water line to a convenient place, such as under your sink, so it is easily accessible when you leave and return. Now through August 30, 2013, we offer a 10% discount on rerouted water shut-off valves.

Move My Shut-off Valve

Install Moisture Detection to Prevent Water Damage

Robinson’s Plumbing Service is a WaterSafe installer in the Richmond area. WaterSafe is a product that uses sensors to detect water in different areas around your home. If a leak occurs, the water is automatically turned off at the main shut off valve. This is a fantastic option because it can also sense water in places such as an air conditioner condenser that is not connected to the main water line. In upgraded versions, you can be notified on your phone so even if you are just away for a short time, you can minimize damage by taking action early.

Enjoy your summer getaway! And be confident that your home is protected from water damage by planning ahead to turn off the water or have WaterSafe working hard while you are away.

Contact Robinson’s Plumbing Service for a free estimate on either moving your main shut off valve or installing Watersafe.