New Home Plumbing Inspection

New Home Plumbing InspectionThe Richmond real estate market is heating up again after years of stagnation. Are you considering buying that dream home or perhaps a rental property?

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Inspections

Before you sign a contract to purchase a home or commercial property, hire a plumber to inspect the pipes, valves, main water line and sewer line. You may prevent big headaches down the road. While it is standard to have an independent home inspector check the home, they are looking for a wide range of issues and are typically not plumbing experts. When it comes to a home’s largest system, there are countless details the inspector does not evaluate, including the sewer line and water main – two critical elements in the system.

We recommend making a contract contingent upon a satisfactory plumbing inspection. Contact Robinson’s Plumbing Service to schedule plumbing inspection.