GOT ROOTS? No problem!


Have you ever wondered what scary things are growing inside your drain? What kind of harm could these things do to your home? Recently, a client’s drain line would not drain when they ran their washing machine, even at other times it would drain fine. Now, a washing machine discharges a large volume of water into the drain lines at one time, and the further down the line the blockage or problem… The longer it takes for the water to show back up your home.
So the client called Robinson’s Plumbing Service. The first thing we did was run a sewer cable through this line repetitively, to try to clear it. The line would still back up, just not as badly. Our technicians then ran a camera down the line to determine what the problem might be. When we go approximately fifteen feet from the city main sewer line tap, we saw the problem… There was a large root breaking into the pipe and blocking almost all the flow. Our recommendation? Excavating and replacing the broken section, OR replacing the entire line because the sewer line was of age and made out of cast iron piping, which historically is very common for paper and other material to cling to the side of the walls, because it’s not as smooth as PVC.
Our client therefore authorized us to replace the entire line. Once we located the tap and excavated down and cut the tap, and a giant root ball was found inside. It found its way into the line through an opening that was only about the size of a string of spaghetti, but once it got into that sewer line it blossomed to this root ball (pictured below). From that point in the breached line fifteen feet of roots and solids were backing up in the pipe. Water was slowly able to wind its way through this, which is the only reason why anything was draining at all. The root invasion is also the reason why the camera would only make it to fifteen feet away from the city main sewer tap.