Is Your Plumbing Ready for Holiday Gatherings?

Parties and family gatherings are some of our favorite American holiday traditions. Before hosting and making wonderful memories for your guests, have you considered your home’s plumbing? It will get much more use during the holiday season than most other times of the year. More showers, more flushing and more cooking all add up to more strain on your water flow and on your drains.

Kitchen Sink

Don’t put anything down the drain. Even if you have a garbage disposal, it should not be used as a trash compactor. To prolong the life of the drain and avoid calling a plumber, put the least amount possible down the kitchen sink drain. Grease, rice and noodles are most difficult to clear your drain. When disposing of grease from your ham, turkey or other meat, pour it into an old jar and when it is solid, throw it in the trash.

Showers and Tubs

It is difficult to prevent hair from going down the drain. If someone in or visiting your home has long hair it is important to trap the hair before it makes its way into the drain. We recommend purchasing a drain cover that has fine holes that prevent hair from washing down. When you see how much hair they catch, you’ll be glad it isn’t going to your sewer line to clog it.


Most of us won’t tell our guests how to behave in the bathroom. But as a guest in someone’s home, it would be quite embarrassing to clog the toilet or sewer line, so don’t flush any part of a feminine hygiene product or any other object that doesn’t belong there. Wipes, paper towels, disposable diapers, food you are pretended to eat, should go in the trash – not the toilet.

Richmond Plumber

If you do run into plumbing problems, Robinson’s is here to help 24/7 but since we want our employees to enjoy time off with their families, holiday charges are double the usual hourly rate. If you have plumbing concerns that you can’t remedy, contact Robinson’s Plumbing Service well before guests arrive so all systems are “go” for your holiday party!
December 2012 holiday hours.