Personalized Plumbing Prevention Program

We’ve got something new to unveil at the annual Maymont Home & Garden Show this month, but we’re going to give you a sneak preview right now!

We hope you’ll be able to join us February 10-13 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center for the show, but in case you can’t, we want to let you in on a new series of plans that can help greatly reduce not just the money you spend on plumbing repairs and upgrades but also the hassle!

It’s our Personalized Plumbing Prevention Program. Have you ever just had one of these years, when it comes to repairs—like our friend who is an independent landlord? She just owns one small building, but she had to replace three out of her four water heaters in one year. Or maybe you own an older home, so you’ve planned for some maintenance and upgrades. Or maybe you own multiple homes or rental properties.

Whatever the case, you already know that you have to set aside a chunk of your budget to pay for plumbing repairs. You know it’s coming.

We have come up with a solution that will help you get better service and save you money! We are very excited to share our Personalized Plumbing Prevention Program.

Depending on how much you think you’ll need to have done or how much you have planned, we have three tiers of plans to choose from, as well as a landlord package for people who need a property management plan.

All of our packages start with an annual inspection—sort of a check up of your plumbing and its components, so that we can find problems before they cost you more than they have to. During this inspection, we do a “stress test” to gauge the life left in your system and discuss solutions to any problems you’ve been experiencing. You know the kind—things that are bugging you, but they haven’t been big enough to bother calling someone for.

At the same time, we give you an initial “Green Analysis”—a special cost-benefit analysis of solutions that you can use to make your house greener and save money and energy. We can even come up with a long-term plan, depending on how much work you want to have done.

Our special program members move to the front of the service call line—so our already quick response time just got faster! For weekend emergencies, we’re on call too! We can get to you in two hours or less.

And, we offer a two-year warranty on all parts and service!

Then, depending on which tier you choose, you can get 10…15…even 20% off labor costs!

When you become a Personalized Plumbing Prevention Program member, you get better service, you save money, and we help you find problems before they cost you more.

But probably one of the best benefits of this plan is that you get a plumbing partner. We get to know your plumbing, know your home (or your properties), and know you. When you call us, either for planned maintenance or for an emergency, we know what your water heater, your pipes, and your systems will need from working with you before. We’ll be able to work faster and even know what parts we need most of the time.

That’s faster, better service with less hassle. And that kind of peace of mind—knowing someone who knows you is always on call, even for after-hour emergencies—is priceless.

Call us with questions about which tier is right for you. We’ll see you at the Maymont Home & Garden show!